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Equestrian Fencing

Moulds Fencing (Torksey) Ltd. is highly experienced in fencing a range of equestrian facilities from arenas and horse paddocks, to maneges and polo practice pitches.

We supply and erect 3 main types of Post and Rail fencing, all installed with our top of the range Protec post knocker.  Electric wire/tape/rope, barbed wire, rabbit wire or stock wire may be attached according to your requirements.

All the producers and suppliers we use are FSC approved.

Lincolnshire Post and Rail

This is an aesthetically pleasing choice, but difficult to repair due to the mortice and tenon arrangement.  It does not take kindly to being knocked about.  Options include either oak post and softwood rail, or alternatively, all softwood.  Larger posts are used with the all softwood option.

Nail-on (or Motorway Fencing)

This tends to withstand being knocked about a bit more than the above option, and is straightforward to repair.  Posts are 125mm x 75mm x 1800mm at 1.8 metre centres, with a choice of either 2, 3, 4, or 5 rails (88mm x 38mm x 3600mm) nailed on.  The posts are all HC4 kiln dried and pressure treated, mainly sourced from Scotland as these are of good milling quality.

Round Posts and Half Round Rails

This is very strong and rustic-looking.  Consists of peeled and pointed posts of 4-5 inch diameter, 6-7ft length, with 3 & a half inch half round rails.  The rails are nailed on using 5 inch nails, with posts at 6ft centres.  All timber is HC3 pressure treated.

For all the above types of fencing, additional dip treatment of the ground contact area of the posts is possible.


Field Gates

As part of the total fencing solution, we also supply and install timber or metal field gates with the following options:

Metal Field Gates

  • Single: 5ft - 15ft wide
  • Double: 10ft - 30ft wide

Timber Field Gates (all pressure treated)

  • Single: 3ft - 14ft wide
  • Double: 10ft - 24ft wide

Arena with Timber Field Gate    Equestrian Arena    Double Metal Field Gates    Nail On Post and Rail With Electric Tape