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Livestock Fencing

The main type of livestock fencing we supply and erect is equal to, or of a higher specification as defined by English Nature, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire Wildlife Trusts, and the RSPB.

The posts are machine round HC4 kiln dried and pressure treated, mainly sourced from the Baltic region - this is slower growing timber resulting in a tighter and stronger grain which is ideal for round posts. All the producers and suppliers we use are FSC approved

We only use wire manufactured in Britain to BS EN 1023-5, produced to BS 4102.

The typical arrangement of posts is150mm x 2400mm straining posts, used at ends, changes in direction, or every 100 metres. These have 88mm x 1800mm struts which are located into drilled holes on the strainer, and rest against a stud post underground. The 88mm x 1800mm intermediate posts are generally placed at 4 metre intervals depending on ground conditions and the type of stock being contained.

Additional dip treatment of the ground contact area of the posts is possible.

The wire consists of HT8/80/15 stock wire, and high tensile barb wire. It is strained mechanically with a Timag wire strainer fitted onto our own telehandler or tractor. The posts are knocked in with our top of the range Protec tractor mounted post knocker.

Other types of stock fencing are available such as:

  • a combination of the looks of post and rail with the added benefit of stock or barb wire attached

  • solely plain barb wire

  • different heights of stock wire

  • plain wire attached with insulators for electrifying.

Post and Rail Fencing

Post and Rail Fencing is an attractive option for containing livestock. Please see the section on Equestrian fencing for further information.

Rabbit Fencing

As rabbits are increasingly becoming a nuisance for many landowners, we also erect rabbit fencing which is turned out and buried to a depth of 300mm.  In order to do this, we developed and constructed a specialist rabbit wire installation machine, which we pull behind our tractor. We use 1050/31/18 guage British made hexagonal wire netting galvanised to BS EN 10244-2 Class A.  This has been very successful in deterring rabbits from entering the fenced-off area.

Rabbit Fencing



Stock Fencing

Stock Fencing

Stock Fencing

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