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Residential Fencing

We erect various types of fencing and matching gates on new housing developments, for building construction companies and housing associations.

Close Board

Close Board fencing topped either with or without a capping rail, or "Castle Effect" design for a more exclusive look.

Close Board Fencing    Close Board    Close Board Castle Effect    Close Board Topped with Trellis

Picket Fencing

Picket fence designs include "round", "pointed" or "flat" tops, and may be painted or stained, with matching gates.

Picket with Round Top    White Picket Pointed Top    Picket with Flat Top and Gate

Concrete Posts and Gravel Boards

Panel Fencing Concrete Post and Gravel Boards 

Acoustic Fencing

To reduce enviornmental noise, we install attractive timber acoustic fencing (reflective system) at heights up to 5m.

Acoustic Fencing


5m High Acoustic Fence